HAE Global Walk

Due to coronavirus COVID-19, the population in a large number of countries around the world experience harsh limitations to everyday life. Nevertheless, we hope that many people will find it possible to take part in our 2020 HAE Global Walk.

Previous years, we have urged HAE friends to gather in groups large and small to walk together and register their steps for the annual HAE Global Walk campaign. This year many will be forced to take precautions because of coronavirus COVID-19, and obviously, we don’t want anyone to take any chances with their health. Bearing the regulations that might apply in any given country in mind, we hope that a large number of HAE friends across the world will find it possible to take part in the walk.

All you need to do to take part is

  • Walk any distance you would like wherever you feel like it – on your own or together with others
  • Report the distance (in miles or kilometers) in the form below
  • Wait for the website to add your distance – that usually happens once a day
  • Walk some more and add that as well :-)

The coronavirus COVID-19 situation might keep us from setting another record (90,000,000+ steps in 2019) but we will sure try!

The HAE Global Walk period is from 1 April to 31 May 2020. Please make sure to visit the website often and add all the walks you like. Every step counts.

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