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Welcome to HAEi’s Asia Pacific and Southeast Asia region! This is a region with incredibly diverse cultures, landscapes, languages and people. For our 10th hae day :-), our 15 member countries in this region were asked to share their achievements and their hopes for the future. You can read more by clicking on the flags below.

Fiona Wardman is HAEi’s Chief Regional Patient Advocate and the Regional Patient Advocate for Asia Pacific. She is supported in this region by Henrik Balle Boysen, HAEi’s Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer and Anthony J. Castaldo, HAEi President and Chief Executive Officer, who work specifically with countries in Southeast Asia.

Fiona lives in Sydney, Australia and is an HAE patient. You can read more about her, and her work in Asia Pacific, by clicking the link below.

Henrik lives in Horsens, Denmark and Tony lives in Virginia, USA. Both are HAE patients and you can find out more about the countries they support by following the link.

Fiona Wardman

Henrik Balle Boysen

Anthony J. Castaldo

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