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HAEi recognizes that to better serve our member organizations, we needed to have a presence where they are. This is the start of the RPA Program and 5 regional representatives are initially appointed. Today we have 8 RPAs, led by Chief RPA Fiona Wardman. RPAs constantly strive to improve the situation for all HAE friends, wherever they are in the world. They are the operational backbone of our organization.

Fiona: At the start, the primary task for RPAs was supporting existing member organizations. Soon RPAs were helping patients to form patient groups in countries where a member organization was not yet established. I’m very proud of the program and the positive impact we know our RPAs have; they are our eyes and ears on the ground, they hear to the challenges in our regions and help to deliver positive change.

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>> Watch the fun videos of the RPAs made for the 10th anniversary of hae day :-) and get to know about the regions