About hae day :-)

Our annual hae day :-) aims to raise awareness worldwide

hae day :-) unites the HAE community with 16 May as a focus for activities to raise awareness of HAE amongst the general public, healthcare professionals, healthcare decision-makers, and industry representatives.

By increasing awareness of HAE, we can create an environment for earlier and more accurate diagnosis and improve care for people with HAE. Ultimately, securing a better quality of life for everyone with HAE.

We are delighted to confirm that our theme for hae day :-) 2022 is Stepping Up for the Global HAE Movement. Our activity challenge will start in early April and run through to the end of May – as is now traditional.

In 2021, we generated 168 million steps, enough to walk around Earth’s circumference just over three (3) times. Will you be Stepping Up for the Global HAE Movement and helping us step around the world in 2022?

Like last year, we encourage everyone to participate in all types of activity – physical activities and those helping overall wellbeing. Any activity time reported on haeday.org will be converted into steps, and the total will power us around the world. Regularly taking part in activities and recording the time spent at haeday.org will ensure your efforts count. You can also share photos of your activities, earn badges, and join a team if you want to.

hae day :-) is an excellent opportunity to raise awareness of HAE across the world. Many national HAE organizations have conducted events and awareness-raising activities focused around 16 May, and we hope you will be among them this year. To assist and inspire you, we’ve got lots of information and support in our ‘Get involved’ and ‘Get inspired’ sections.

Participate here and enter your activity to the challenge!

You may have made a profile for 2021, but this no longer exists. Any profile created this year will be available in the future, and all your activities will be there. This means in 2023; you can check back to 2022 and see if you can beat your totals.