hae day :-) assets

Our hae day :-) branding means our awareness day is easily recognised within the HAE community and we can consistently present hae day :-) to the world, no matter where activity is taking place.

We’ve collated key assets here for you to use in your hae day :-) awareness activity and will be adding more assets in the run up to the start of the campaign in April, so please check back again!

10 year anniversary logo

Many member organizations ask us for the hae day :-) logo, so they can use these on their activity material – we’ve seen great posters, t-shirts and much more.

Below you can find the files for our 10 year anniversary of hae day :-) special edition logo and the original hae day :-) logo.

>> Download the original hae day :-) logo (zip with .ai, .pdf, .jpg and .png)

>> Download the 10 year anniversary logo (zip with .ai, .pdf, .jpg and .png)

Please note: As HAEi is a company and product neutral organization, our logos (HAEi or hae day :-) or any others) cannot be used or associated with any commercial product for HAE. This includes, but is not limited to, commercial product logos, materials, websites. Companies are welcome to use the logo on their company corporate website to show support to hae day :-), but not on any treatment/product pages.

Activity campaign hashtag: #active4HAE

We’re encouraging everyone to take part in different activities from the start of April to help us step around the world in time for hae day :-) on 16 May.

Here’s an image that you can also use in your photos – either downloaded and printed at home, or shown via your mobile device – to support the campaign and share the love! We have also included a .png file if you want to add the #active4HAE to your image before uploading to social media.

>> Download a pdf with #active4HAE for printing

>> Download a .png to add to your image before uploading to social media

Remember to also use the hashtag #active4HAE when posting about your activities, so we can find you on social media.

More hae day :-) awareness tools

This toolbox also contains two more sections with good advice and templates with awareness tools

Working with the media

Working with social media