Earn badges

Limited edition badges

To make things even more interesting we are introducing our limited edition badge collection this year. Each badge represents one of the 8 HAEi regions in our global patient network. 

What does a regional badge mean?

Our goal is to generate enough steps for a virtual walk that will take us to all our HAEi regions, where our member organizations will showcase their history, achievements and hopes for the future. By entering your activities on a regular basis, you help us achieve that goal – and at the same time earn one of HAEi’s 8 limited edition region badges. 

How can I earn a region badge?

To earn a region badge, you need to create a profile and enter at least 1 activity while we are “visiting” that region. Hovering over a badge will give you more information on how to earn that specific badge. 

Where do my badges go?

All earned region badges will be unlocked on your profile page.

For the 2021 activity challenge it was possible to enter activities from 1 April to 1 June.