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Collect badges!

If you enter an activity on your profile in each full week of the challenge, you’ll unlock a badge on your profile. There are 8 to collect!

How can I earn a badge?

To earn a badge, you need to create a profile and enter at least one (1) activity during each full week (Monday-Sunday) of the activity challenge. Hovering over a badge will give you more information on how to earn that specific badge.

Where do my badges go?

All earned badges will be unlocked on your profile page.

What about activities that are not entered during a full week of the challenge?

Our 2022 activity challenge will run from 1 April to 31 May. Any activities entered during the first three (3) days of April or the last two (2) days of May will help towards our goal of walking around the world a record number of times – thank you! – but they won’t help you unlock a badge.

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