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How can you get involved?

Anyone can take part in our activity challenge for 2022 and join us in Stepping Up for the Global HAE Movement. Reporting the time you’ve spent on physical or well-being activities will help towards our goal of walking around the world a record number of times.

You may have made a profile for 2021, but this no longer exists. Any profile created this year will be available in the future, and all your activities will be there. This means in 2023; you can check back to 2022 and see if you can beat your totals. You won’t be able to enter activities until the challenge starts, but you can get ahead and create your profile now.

You can also contact the HAE Advocacy Organization in your country and see what they might be planning, and how you can support them.

If you are part of a Member Organization click here for extra ways you can make the most of hae day :-)

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