Get involved

What can Member Organizations do?

hae day :-) has been initiated by HAE International but will never be a full success without the support of the steadily growing number of national HAE organizations throughout the world.

We hope that all our Member Organizations will participate in the hae day :-) in whatever way they can.

Our international activity campaign is open to everyone to take part but there might be a specific event or activity that you would like to organize in your country.

It’s entirely up to you as to what activities are most appropriate in your country. These guidelines could be helpful in deciding what to do:

  • Before deciding on the details of your hae day :-) activity, its helpful to consider the specific objectives and what you realistically can achieve with the resources (people, time, money!) you have.
  • Consider the best target with the biggest impact – maybe in your country it is easier to raise awareness with already engaged healthcare professionals than with the general audience.

To help you with things you might want to do, we’ve got some inspiration for a variety of activities you might want to consider, from small to large.

Our website has lots of helpful information and inspiration to support you in whatever activity you decided to do. To get you started:

Whatever you decide to do, we’d love to hear about it to add to ‘Get Inspired’. Please let us know what you are doing and send a brief description (including photos if you have) to