In brief

  • Name for organization: HAE Libya
  • 10 members at 1 Jan 2021
  • Name of approved HAE treatments: There are no approved treatments

Fun or interesting things about Libya

  • The largest hot desert in the world.
  • The most preserved roman ruins in the world.
  • Home to a rich and diverse history.

What positive changes have happened for people with HAE, in your country, from 2012 to now?

  1. Recognising HAE in patients to make the right diagnosis, understanding the correct treatment, and how to manage with the disease.
  2. Doctors’ awareness of understanding the disease and how to manage it.

What is the biggest achievement for people with HAE, in your country, from 2012 to now?

Establishing an organization for Hereditary Angioedema patients in Libya.

What is the resource, event or activity that you are most proud of organizing for people with HAE in your country, from 2012 to now?

We are a new organization in Libya. As such, the goals of HAE Libya are to promote awareness through campaigns using social media and local media channels such as radio and television and to create a network between patients and doctors.

What support/ resources have you used from HAEi? What has HAEi helped you to achieve?

We have used various resources from HAEi such as HAEi connect, a hosted website and attending HAE Global conferences.

Your Next Step… What do you want to achieve for people with HAE in your country by 2030?

The priority goals to achieve are: securing the appropriate medication for patients with HAE, raising awareness in public and private hospitals and establishing a specialised care centre for patients with HAE.


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